Admire the impressive villa’s Neymar, with an indoor elevator and a large football field, makes your jaw drop

Admire the impressive villa’s Neymar, with an indoor elevator and a large football field, makes your jaw drop!


While the mansion itself is an architectural marvel, it’s the indoor soccer pitch that truly takes your breath away.

The palatial concept mansion was designed for Neymar after his move

Neymar Jr. recently made a monumental move to the Saudi Pro League, where he will be raking in an astonishing annual salary of approximately $219M with Al-Hilal. With such staggering resources at his disposal, designers have gone all out, conjuring up a residence that defies imagination.

The concept mansion features an elaborate entrance hall for Neymar

This sprawling AI-generated concept mansion, valued at $195M, has been unveiled to Mansionisti’s 1,3m followers, and it’s a masterpiece that spans an astounding five levels. Adorned with resplendent gold minarets and featuring a cascading waterfall that promises to both awe and deplete your pockets, this mansion redefines opulence.

The football pitch means Neymar could host training sessions at the concept mansion

For Neymar, who has recently expanded his multimillion-dollar car collection to include an Aston Martin and a Lamborghini, the concept mansion boasts an expansive, grand drive that can comfortably accommodate his impressive fleet.

Upon entering, you’ll be greeted by a majestic domed ceiling, Moorish arched doorways, a dazzling chandelier, and opulent marble floors that seamlessly frame a grand, curved, split staircase.

The concept mansion designed for Neymar features a huge and elaborate marble bathroom

After an intense training session or a high-stakes match, Neymar can indulge in luxury, with a colossal marble bathtub set beneath a resplendent domed ceiling and his very own underlit hammam pool for ultimate relaxation.

The concept mansions' supercar elevator is perfect for Neymar's expanding fleet

While most soccer players can only dream of working from home, Neymar’s concept mansion makes it a reality. It boasts an indoor soccer pitch meticulously integrated into the design, ensuring he can sharpen his skills without leaving the comfort of his lavish abode.

For those days when the squad needs to focus on cardio or functional training, the mansion’s gym is equipped with an abundance of treadmills to accommodate everyone.

The vaulted-ceiling hammam is the perfect spot for Neymar to unwind in the concept mansion

And for Neymar, known for his exquisite taste, there’s an inside supercar elevator, capable of accommodating a remarkable 16 vehicles. It’s the perfect stage to showcase his ever-expanding collection of high-end automobiles.

In reality, rumors suggest Neymar is on the hunt for a 25-bedroom mansion complete with three saunas, a sprawling 10-meter-wide and 40-meter-long pool, and a fleet of luxury cars. It appears that this concept mansion has flawlessly met his discerning criteria.

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