Justin Bieber Seemingly Celebrates Easter With Hailey After Concerning Videos With Diddy Resurface

justin bieber celebrates easter after diddy videos resurface


Justin Bieber Seemingly Celebrates Easter With Hailey After Concerning Videos With Diddy Resurface

Hailey Bieber gave fans a glimpse inside her Easter celebration with husband Justin Bieber as the singer continues to keep a low-profile on social media. After concerning old videos of Justin with Sean “Diddy” Combs resurfaced amid the rapper’s legal woes, he appeared to have a low-key holiday with his model wife.

On Sunday, March 31, Hailey, 27, posted a photo of her and Justin’s personalized Easter baskets on her Instagram Story. The treats featured giant chocolate eggs with their names emblazoned on the front, along with edible decor made of carrots, bunnies and more on the outside. While Justin, 30, did not appear in any holiday photos, the Rhode founder took a selfie of herself with the caption, “Happy Easter.”

After Combs’ homes in Miami and Los Angeles were raided as part of a federal investigation into allegations of sex trafficking on March 25, old videos of the music executive began to resurface online. Two of the troubling viral videos featured Justin and were taken when the “Sorry” singer was a teenager.

justin bieber celebrates easter after diddy videos resurface
Courtesy of HaileyBieber/Instagram

One of the videos first appeared on Justin’s YouTube channel in 2009 and documented the men spending 48 hours together. “Where we’re hanging out and what we’re doing, we can’t really disclose, but it’s definitely a 15 years old’s dream,” Combs, now 54, said at one point in the footage. The musician also said, “For the next 48 hours, [Justin’s] with me. We gonna go full buck full crazy.”

The second video was taken in 2010 and showed Combs telling Justin, who was 16 years old at the time, “Starting to act different, huh? You haven’t been calling me and hanging out the way we used to hang out.”

Justin has not publicly commented on the videos as they’ve made their rounds on social media.


Meanwhile, fans have also recently grown concerned that there might be trouble in paradise in the Ontario native’s marriage. The worries began in February when Hailey’s dad, Stephen Baldwin, reposted an Instagram Reel to his page that said, “Christians, please when you think of Justin & Hailey, take a moment to offer a little prayer for them to have wisdom, protection and to draw close to the Lord. There are special challenges that folks in high visibility positions face.”

Just days later, Hailey addressed baseless internet rumors about her relationship in an Instagram Story message. “Just FYI the stories and constant ‘blind items’ I see on TikTok are 100% of the time wrong,” she wrote. “Made out of thin air … come from the land of delusion … so I know it may be fun feeding into these stories but just know they’re always false xx sorry to spoil it.” She also publicly gushed about Justin in an Instagram post for his birthday on March 1.

Still, an insider exclusively told In Touch that Hailey is considering asking her husband for a trial separation while they “sort things out” privately. “Hailey’s not asking for a divorce,” the source clarified. “She knows Justin feels hurt and confused, but she feels lost too. She just needs a break.”

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