VIDEO: Former NFL Linebacker Emmanuel Acho Drops A Giant Truth Bomb On LeBron James While Claiming He Has No Interest In Winning Championships Anymore

Emmanuel Acho on his show and LeBron James during a game.Emmanuel Acho and LeBron James (Photos via FS1 & Getty Images)

Every eye was stuck on LeBron James this offseason, eagerly waiting to see what decision he takes regarding his future. As many had predicted, the 39-year-old ultimately stayed back with the Lakers but that proved to be costly for the franchise. Following the decision, many raised questions regarding LeBron’s intentions, one of which came from ex-NFL player Emmanuel Acho.

On FS1’s “Speak,” the former linebacker claimed, “LeBron’s “primary objective” is no longer winning championships.” Justifying his statement, Acho said, “If LeBron’s primary objective was to win championships I don’t think he would be on the Lakers.”

LeBron James has expressed his desire to bag one more championship title before his days on the hardwood are over. To fulfill the dream, the 20-time All-Star pushed his limits and performed outstandingly last season alongside teammate Anthony Davis. However, because of the team’s lackluster contribution, they couldn’t stand a chance against the Nuggets in the playoffs.

Both the Lakers and LeBron figured out that the only way to success was to rebuild the squad. But the franchise didn’t have enough cap space to afford the big names that LeBron wanted on the roster. So, the 4-time champion proposed to take a pay cut in his salary which could help bringing in elite players.

When the organization failed to follow the plan, LeBron signed a $104 million contract for two years with the Lakers. This made Acho believe that the superstar might not be having the championship win in mind. While others suggest that LBJ is thinking about a different strategy.

LeBron James Reportedly Eyeing Expansion Team

During his final years in the league, LeBron James is ticking the boxes on his desire list. Of the remaining dreams, Brian Windhorst disclosed that his next move could be to own the Las Vegas expansion team.

On “First Take” the ESPN Insider stated, “He wants to be the owner of the coming expansion team in Las Vegas.” Windhorst continued to add, “He wants to join up with partners to become the face of the franchise in Las Vegas.”

Windhorst also believes that LeBron will be focused on fulfilling his mission in the following two years. However, right now, his only determination is towards the national team which is preparing to get the gold medal in the Paris Olympics.

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