“Bron Is A Gift & Curse”: LeBron James Humiliating Darvin Ham In Leaked Video Is Excusable Claims NBA Legend

Dominating the NBA for over two decades now, LeBron James demands a certain level of respect and authority in his team. Having faced every situation imaginable during his legendary career, LeBron doesn’t shy away from going off script last minute to get his team a victory. But sometimes, that can create problems for his teammates and head coaches. Just days after Darvin Ham got fired by the Lakers, a leaked video of LeBron ignoring Ham’s plan during a game and demanding the clipboard to draw up a play by himself startled the NBA World. However, NBA legend Matt Barnes deemed LeBron’s actions excusable because he has seen that movie before multiple times.

While discussing the Lakers’ failure on All The Smoke Unplugged Podcast with his co-host Stephen Jackson, Barnes defended LeBron taking over Ham’s job during crunch time, “I’ve seen lot of players do it in those minutes.” Further backing his claim, Barnes named Andre Iguodala and his former teammate Baron Davis do something similar, and they were not even the best players on their team like LeBron is. Then, the Clippers legend pointed out that there are two sides to working with LeBron, “Coaching Bron ain’t easy… Bron is a gift & curse.”

Coaching one of the best players in NBA history while he is still playing at a high level at age 39 certainly puts a lot of eyeballs on LeBron’s head coaches. However, if LeBron’s team fails like it did this season, most of the time, the head coaches are the first to be blamed and face the consequences. And that is evident from the fact that since LeBron has joined the Lakers, they have already let go of three head coaches, and are currently looking for a new one.

Should LeBron James be blamed for the Lakers’ failure?

While Matt Barnes defended LeBron’s actions, his co-host Stephen Jackson could not understand why LeBron never gets blamed for his team’s failures like other superstars, “Star players normally get the bulk of the heat. But for some reason when it’s dealing with LeBron and Lakers, he gets no blame.” Citing the example of his former teammates Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili receiving a lot of criticism for not being able to win during the tail end of their careers, Jackson wondered why the same treatment is not given to LeBron.

Claiming that players who earn the most money on the team should get the most heat when their team struggles, Jackson said, “Don’t blame it on the coach.” Then, he also questioned LeBron’s tone in the leaked video where he can be seen yelling, “Listen! I got it, I got it. Hey! Give me the board.”

While many players have done it before, Jackson believed LeBron’s tone was very disrespectful toward Ham. Also defending the role players on the Lakers squad because they usually not get enough shots like LeBron and AD, Jackson also threw Anthony Davis under the bus despite him having a great playoff series, “In crunch minutes, you were not there.”

Although Ham getting fired just a season after taking the team to the Western Conference Finals, similar to Frank Vogel getting fired just two years after leading the Lakers to a Championship, seems unfair, it has become a regular ordeal for head coaches of a LeBron-led team. What are your thoughts?

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