Official Score Sheet From Michael Jordan’s Career-High 69-Point Game Up for Auction

In March 1990, Chicago Bulls guard Michael Jordan was at the top of his statistical game. He was on the way to his fourth scoring title and his sixth All-Star team, and mere months away from his most compelling playoff run yet.

One version of Jordan—the 35-point-per-game destroyer of worlds of the 1980s—was going extinct as the unbeatable Jordan of the 1990s was being fitfully born. However, one spring evening against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Jordan marshaled his otherworldly talents for the most dominant game of his career.

The future Hall of Famer tagged the Cavaliers for 69 points, 18 rebounds and six assists in 50 minutes of action as the Bulls edged Cleveland 117–113 in overtime. It was a performance worth immortalizing, and now documentation of Jordan’s big night is up for auction.

Sotheby’s, the venerable art brokerage, is listing the scoresheet from the game between $60,000 and $80,000.

“What made this performance … breathtaking was the manner in which Jordan scored,” the catalogue entry reads. “It wasn’t just the sheer volume of points; it was the artistry, the finesse, and the versatility of ways Jordan put the ball in the basket.

“Fadeaway jumpers, acrobatic drives, mid-range daggers—the full repertoire of Jordan’s offensive arsenal was on display that night.”

Indeed, Jordan was one of a kind in 1990 and remains one of a kind in 2024. The sea of ink on the scoresheet next to his name attests to that.

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