WATCH: LeBron James and Savannah James kiss courtside as Lakers star produces wholesome moment with family


LeBron James produced a wholesome moment as he took time out of his halftime shootaround during the Pacers-Lakers game to hang out with his wife, Savannah James, and daughter, Zhuri. James was spotted sharing a light-hearted moment with the two as he embraced them with hugs and kisses.

Savannah and the kids have frequently taken time out of their schedules whenever possible to see James in action for the Lakers this season. It has been an up-and-down road for the James family’s head of the table and his team, but the unwavering support from his loved ones has remained constant.

Here’s the video of LeBron James kissing Savannah, with Zhuri also in attendance:

The Lakers withstood a solid half against the Pacers, completing a 12-point turnaround to take a six-point lead at the break. LA has looked solid over its past few games, winning back-to-back contests against the Atlanta Hawks and Philadelphia 76ers.

They seem poised to extend that streak to three games against the Pacers, with a 16-point lead in the third quarter.

Fans troll LeBron James after a viral pic with Savannah James from USC game

LeBron James and Savannah James have shut down trolls over the past few days for speculating that they had issues between them. It started with a viral video of James and Jeanie Buss getting physically affectionate during the Bucks-Lakers game on Mar. 8.

Fans trolled James, suggesting Savannah wouldn’t be too excited about the situation and that the incident would cause problems between the couple. The speculation grew after James and Savannah were pictured with strained facial expressions at son Bronny James’ USC game.

James and Savannah put those rumors to bed after the former posted a picture with his wife from the 2024 Vanity Fair Oscar Party. It was followed by an Instagram video of James, Savannah and Zhuri dancing together.


LeBron James and Savannah James’ latest viral moment at the Pacers-Lakers game will only put further doubts about the couple’s feelings towards each other to bed.

LeBron James reflects on sacrificing family time to achieve greatness

James recently started his podcast, with JJ Redick, called ‘Mind The Game.’ During their first episode on Tuesday, James shared strong sentiments about players ‘loosely’ using the word discipline about greatness. The Lakers star reflected on it, saying that discipline is more than showing up to work.

It extends beyond that, including sacrificing family time nearly daily, he said.

“Discipline. People use that word so loosely. You have to sacrifice loved ones for a long period of time if you want to be great,” James aid.

James reflected on his schedule and inability to give time to his family even when he’s at home, mostly recovering from the physical toll his body takes, or at the gym working out to stay in shape.

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