Reggie Miller Gets Criticized For Disrespecting LeBron James As Coward That Doesn’t Take Responsibility

Reggie Miller faced criticism for his remarks regarding LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers, following the iconic player’s apparent suggestion that he avoids taking accountability during the Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Denver Nuggets game.


Miller’s comments came after LeBron highlighted Anthony Edwards as a standout performer and consummate professional, particularly in light of the Timberwolves’ loss in Game Three against Nikola Jokic’s team, which put them at a 2-1 disadvantage before ultimately losing control of the series on May 13th.

Reggie Miller gets criticized for disrespecting LeBron James: Coward

“I’m an even bigger fan of Anthony Edwards after seeing that clip,” Miller commented on TNT after observing the game. “There are certain players that have veteran status that are quick to deflect and blame.”


This prompted Nick Wright, a Fox Sports analyst, to seize the opportunity to respond to Miller’s remarks.

Reggie Miller calls out LeBron James and doesn't hold back during NBA  Playoffs broadcast | Marca


“‘Active players on a lot of people’s Mount Rushmore [that like to deflect]’”, paraphrased Wright on Fox Sports 1, referring to Miller’s comments. He then retorted, “We know it’s Bron he’s talking about.


“I think this is wildly unfair to LeBron. I also think it is incredibly cowardly by Reggie.”

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