LeBron, Savannah, and Zhuri were present to cheer on at Bronny’s latest game, and LeBron reacted to his son’s trademark slam dunk

Saturday marked the USC Trojans’ 78-65 victory over the Arizona Wildcats, which was attended by Bronny James. Bronny’s parents, Savannah and LeBron James, joined the team in support from the sidelines.

Although their mere presence sparked conversation, it was LeBron’s attire for the game that truly captivated supporters, including the official Twitter account for USC men’s basketball. Bron chose to dress in an informal blue monochromatic ensemble, which was peculiarly reminiscent of the school colors of the UCLA Bruins, the Trojans’ city rivals.





Bronny James was subject to a time limit and contributed only 20 minutes of basketball with no more than two thefts, six rebounds, and five points. This was a marginal improvement over his previous outing of 16 minutes against the Sun Devils, in which he failed to score.

In his lone thirty-minute contest, which was against the Wildcats, Bronny recorded eleven points and six rebounds. Bronny’s time constraint is the result of a medical emergency that occurred last summer: he was identified as having a congenital cardiac defect. The guard made his return after a four-month absence on December 10.

Bronny James averaged 19.2 minutes per game as a freshman while contributing 4.8 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 2.3 assists. His below-average statistics have prompted widespread online criticism, with many arguing that he is not NBA-ready.

Conversely, James’ lackluster performances have resulted in his elimination from the 2024 ESPN mock draft. Although his name is included in the simulated 2025 draft, it remains in the second round.

Rich Paul, Bronny’s counsel, clarified that his NBA prospects are determined by team interest and not draft stock. James continues to contribute his all to his collegiate team for the time being.

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