LeBron James reveals the unique way he effusively greets each of his Lakers teammates

A moment of unique connection

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The star of the Los Angeles Lakers,LeBron James, is a key player in the team’s locker room. Although he stands out most of the time on the court, he is also an important generator of good vibes among the Lakers players before facing a NBA game.

The Lakers’ social media shared a clip in which LeBron is seen greeting his teammates in an effusive way, but in a different way to each of them. A moment of unique connection that only few like James can achieve.

The Los Angeles Lakers faced the Philadelphia 76ers in their last game, defeating them 101-94 in which James scored 20 points during the 38 minutes he was on the court.

Lebron James’ possible ultimatum

The Los Angeles Lakers team executives may already have given up on this season, according to an insider.

It has not been an impressive season for the Lakers, who currently sit ninth in the Western Conference with a less than impressive record of 38-32.

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Fans were hoping for a blockbuster trade to kick off the franchise’s 2024 season, but no such trade came, and the trade deadline came and went with little to get excited about. Fans have questioned the lack of ambition of those on the board.

James, a generational talent, will want to succeed in the final years of his career, and there will be disappointment that the Lakers are willing to throw in the towel at a time when their superstar is more desperate to win now that he is 39 years old and with each passing day his retirement is closer.

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