LeBron James has just reached 39,000 career points 🙌👑

It looks like LeBron James is about to rewrite history once more.


James is on track to become the first NBA player to reach 39,000 career points, marking another accomplishment just nine months after he rose to the top of the league’s scoring charts.





James is acting in ways that defy common sense in his 21st season. The 38-year-old is averaging 26.4 points, 8.2 rebounds, 6.5 assists, and 1.7 steals in 13 games. He is also shooting 39.7 percent from three-point range and 58.6 percent from the field. He can create history in Game 14 by surpassing the 39,000-point mark.




Here is where James is in the record and where he stands in his quest for yet another score record.


Points in LeBron James’ career

LeBron James has 38,995 career points going into Tuesday’s game against the Jazz. James is the all-time leading scorer with over 11,000 more points than the next-highest active player, Kevin Durant, who is 35 years old.



When will LeBron James accumulate 40,000 points in his career?

With 38.562 career points going into the 2023–24 season, LeBron James was 1,348 points short of 40,000 points. James scored 343 points this season with an average of 26.4 points over his first 13 games.


James’s performance depends heavily on his health, and through the first four weeks of the season, he has missed just one game. James has to complete the following tasks and estimate the time required in order to earn the 1,005 points required to cross the 40,000 mark:

If LeBron James averages 25.0 points per game… he would score 1,005 points in roughly 40 gamesIf LeBron James averages 26.4 points per game (season average)… he would score 1,005 points in roughly 38 gamesIf LeBron James averages 27.2 points per game (career average)… he would score 1,005 points in roughly 37 games


James has participated in 55.6 games a season on average since joining the Lakers. James, who is 38, might not be able to reach his goal of 40,000 points this season since he has games he has to miss.


On Thursday, February 22, the Lakers will take on the Warriors in their 55th game of the year.

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