BREAKING: LeBron James Teams Up with DraftKings to Reveal His Expert NFL Picks for the 2024-25 Season

You can anticipate hearing a great deal more of LeBron James’ predictions regarding the National Football League.


On Wednesday, the top player for the Los Angeles Lakers made the announcement that he had reached an agreement with DraftKings to become an ambassador for the firm and to make pickings for football games.”Welcoming one of the most influential and greatest athletes of all time, LeBron James, to the DraftKings family is an absolute honor and privilege,” stated DraftKings President and CEO Jason Robins. “We look forward to working with a passionate sports fan who shares the same competitive mindset that echoes throughout the walls at DraftKings, while delivering exciting engagement opportunities to our customers and his loyal fanbase for years to come.”

Có thể là hình ảnh về 1 người, đang chơi bóng rổ và bật lửa


In the course of this season, James would periodically go on Instagram Live and provide a breakdown of the upcoming action in the National Football League. Even while the four-time Most Valuable Player is not a full-time handicapper, he certainly gave the impression of being one at times.Naturally, there were some weeks that were not as good as others.


It was in October that Darren Rovell wrote an article for Action Network in which he discussed the possibility that James could soon get into an official deal with a bookmaker. His ability to receive direct payment from a bookmaker is not prohibited by the collective bargaining agreement of the National Basketball Association (NBA), provided that he does not engage in wagering or analysis of games playing in the NBA or WNBA.

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In addition to the general information, it is not known what the collaboration between James and DraftKings will look like once the 2024 season begins, nor is it apparent how his picks will be presented on a weekly basis.


When it comes to the current situation on the football field, there is no doubt that a large number of supporters will be ready to hear his thoughts.

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