Stephen Curry’s Income Nearly Suffered a $1,000,000 Blow Due to Michael Jordan’s 1990s Dominance


Salaries in the NBA are now ludicrous. Players are now earning far more than what their talent level reflects. A stark contrast to what things were like back in the 90s. In fact, Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant will reportedly earn a combined total of $98,323,048 next season. An amount, that as can be seen on Spotrac dwarfs the $93,877,500 career earnings of Michael Jordan by almost $6,000,000.

Michael Jordan's $93,877,500 Career Earnings Dwarfed by Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant's Combined Paycheck of $99,565,048

MJ was undoubtedly the most celebrated figure in the 90s. His Fame extended beyond that of the basketball world and even to this day he remains a cultural icon. But, despite this legendary status, Jordan was never paid handsomely for his services. Unlike the modern-day superstar who makes significantly more money.

Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant will earn a combined total of $98,323,048 next season, which is more than Michael Jordan earned his whole career

Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant are two of the top players in today’s NBA. As such, the two are paid both loads of money and will make $51,915,615 and $46,407,433 next season respectively. A massive combined salary of $98,323,048.

Incredible fees for two of the NBA’s most incredible players. However, it is one that takes a whole new meaning once compared to the career earnings of Michael Jordan.

Widely considered by many to be the goat Jordan earned a grand total of $93,877,500 in his career. A fair amount, but one that pales in comparison to what today’s stars on. And, what that could have been significantly less if he had not threatened to join the New York Knicks all those years ago.

“Jordan, however, was also well aware of Reinsdorf’s reluctance to let go of money. The star believed a drawn-out negotiation would only demean what he had accomplished for the Bulls. So Jordan and his advisors entertained offers from the New York Knickerbockers. Would Jordan have given up the Bulls for the Knicks? “Yes,” he said. In fact, the Knicks had put together a few million in base salary for Jordan to be augmented by a megamillion personal services contract with one of the Knicks’ affiliated companies.”

It’s true that Jordan was definitely worth more than what he had earned. But, this really wasn’t an issue for him. After all, His Airness built a $2 billion empire with the help of his many endorsements.

MJ was unaffected by his low salary thanks to his amazing endorsement deals

Michael Jordan may have earned less in his career as a basketball player compared to the modern NBA superstar, but it is something that never really bothered him. Despite his low salary, Jordan made his money elsewhere. In particular, his endorsement deals allowed him to accumulate a $2 billion net worth.

He had deals worth millions with companies like Nike, Chevrolet, and Gatorade among others. And, as last reported earns close to $130 million a year even to this day.

He truly revolutionized the sports business. So much so, it’s hard to imagine where he would be in life, if he had been paid the ridiculous amounts of money players make today.

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