NBA Insider Says Lakers Have A Chance Of Getting Donovan Mitchell

Lakers considering Donovan Mitchell to form dynamic trio.

NBA Insider Says Lakers Have A Chance Of Getting Donovan Mitchell

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According to sources, the Los Angeles Lakers are considering the possibility of acquiring Donovan Mitchell in the summer, the star guard currently playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Lakers view Mitchell as a potential impact player who could significantly bolster their roster, potentially forming a formidable trio alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Mitchell, a five-time NBA All-Star, has been a standout performer for the Cavaliers, averaging an impressive 28.2 points, 5.4 rebounds, and 6.4 assists per game while shooting 47.1% from the field and 35.4% from beyond the arc. His dynamic scoring ability, playmaking skills, and efficiency make him an attractive target for teams looking to elevate their competitiveness.

However, acquiring Mitchell will not be an easy task for the Lakers. As the best player on the Cavaliers roster, Cleveland is unlikely to part ways with him easily. Mitchell’s value to the team and his impact on the court make him a prized asset, and any potential trade negotiations would likely be complex and challenging.

Nevertheless, the prospect of adding Mitchell to the Lakers lineup alongside superstars LeBron James and Anthony Davis is an enticing one. The combination of their individual talents and skill sets would create a formidable trio capable of competing at the highest level in the NBA. Mitchell’s scoring prowess, James’ playmaking ability, and Davis’ defensive prowess would complement each other well, potentially forming one of the most dynamic trios in the league.

While the Lakers’ pursuit of Mitchell may face obstacles, including competition from other teams such as the New York Knicks, the possibility of landing a player of his caliber is undoubtedly tantalizing for the organization. As the NBA trade deadline approaches, the Lakers will likely explore all avenues to improve their roster and position themselves for success both in the short term and the future.

How Can The Lakers Acquire Donovan Mitchell?

Acquiring Donovan Mitchell would indeed be a significant challenge for the Los Angeles Lakers, given his substantial salary and the high price the Cleveland Cavaliers paid to acquire him. To make a deal happen, the Lakers would need to put together a compelling package that matches Mitchell’s salary and provides sufficient value to entice the Cavaliers to part ways with their star guard.

First and foremost, the Lakers would need to match Mitchell’s hefty salary, which amounts to $34 million for the upcoming season and includes a player option for $37 million in the final year of his deal. This means that any trade package offered by the Lakers would likely need to include players whose salaries collectively match Mitchell’s, along with potentially additional assets to sweeten the deal.

Lakers Get: Donovan Mitchell

Cavaliers Get: Austin Reaves, Rui Hachimura, Jarred Vanderbilt, 4 First Round Picks

Given Mitchell’s status as a franchise cornerstone for the Cavaliers, the Lakers would likely need to offer a package that includes young, promising players along with future draft picks to make the deal appealing. Players like Austin Reaves, Rui Hachimura, and Jarred Vanderbilt could be included in such a package, as they possess potential and could contribute to Cleveland’s roster immediately or in the near future.

Additionally, the Lakers would likely need to include 4 first-round draft picks in any trade proposal to the Cavaliers. Considering the steep price Cleveland paid to acquire Mitchell from the Utah Jazz, the Lakers would need to offer a similar level of compensation to even have a chance at acquiring him. Including 4 future draft picks could help sweeten the deal and provide the Cavaliers with the assets they would need to justify trading away their star player.

Overall, acquiring Donovan Mitchell would require the Lakers to assemble a substantial trade package that matches his salary, includes promising young players, and offers significant future draft capital. While it would be a challenging endeavor, the potential payoff of adding a player of Mitchell’s caliber to their roster could make it worth the effort for the Lakers.

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