Michael Jordan and 10M USD to ‘make dreams come true’

The first billionaire in basketball where Michael Jordan just made a huge charity donation to the ‘Make A Wish’ organization.

For NBA lovers around the world, Michael Jordan is certainly no longer a strange name. Not only that, the title “the greatest” is also closely associated with this person. But not only playing the role of a football legend or a successful businessman, “Air Jordan” once again transformed itself into a rescuer for many unfortunate lives.

After 15 seasons of fighting in the NBA, Michael Jordan has left a great legacy in the basketball world. 6 championships, countless achievements and records certainly cannot express his contributions to this subject. Perhaps Jordan’s influence in helping football grow worldwide plays the most important role in this man’s legacy.

Basketball made Michael Jordan a “saint” and that saint, when standing at the top, never forgot everyone. Evidence comes from the fact that the former Chicago Bulls player has always been very active in charity work for many years. The last time it can be mentioned is the funding of 7 million USD to build 2 hospitals in the homeland in 2020. There is also an amount of up to 100 million USD disbursed over 10 years for the fight for racial equality.


Right before his 60th birthday, the undefeated NBA finals legend once again made fans admire him. The most special thing comes from the fact that the information did not come from Michael Jordan at all but was announced at the Make A Wish organization. 10 million USD is the number this non-profit organization received from the legend wearing shirt number 23.

For readers who have never heard of the Make A Wish organization. This is the largest charity organization in the world with a life of up to 42 years. Established in 1980, Make A Wish is dedicated to helping children from 2 to 18 years old with serious illnesses realize dreams they cannot make come true. If you have ever read or watched the film adaptation of “The fault in our stars”, Make A Wish is the organization that made the trip to Amsterdam of cancer lovers Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters come true.


It’s unclear whether the story of basketball-loving student Augustus Waters in “The Fault in Our Stars” touched Michael Jordan’s heart or not. But the New York-born legend has long supported the Make A Wish organization. However, this 60th year of pre-natal charity is most special, because 10 million USD is the largest number in the organization’s history from an individual.

In just a few days, the immortal number 23 will pass the two-thirds milestone of its glorious life. But instead of waiting for the gifts placed in front of the mansion, “The GOAT” personally brought gifts to the unlucky people around him.

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