Marcus Smart’s emotional homecoming in his own words: “Thank you guys. I love you guys forever.”

Marcus Smart’s Emotional Return to TD Garden: A Tribute to Boston’s Beloved

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In a poignant return to TD Garden, Marcus Smart, now a member of the Memphis Grizzlies, expressed gratitude and fondness for the city of Boston and its loyal fans. His first visit since being traded eight months ago was marked by a mix of emotions, as he reflected on his time with the Celtics and the unexpected turn of events that led to his departure.


Smart’s bond with the city of Boston runs deep, evident in his heartfelt message to Celtics fans: “Thank you, guys. I love you guys forever. You guys will always be in my heart, and Boston will always be here. Never forgotten.” Despite the trade, Smart’s connection with Boston remains strong, as he credits the city for shaping him into the man and player he is today.

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Returning to TD Garden, Smart was greeted with warmth and appreciation, receiving a tribute video and reuniting with former teammates. Despite the emotional reunion, Smart remained composed, except for a moment of reflection upon entering the visitors’ locker room for the first time—a poignant reminder of the memories he shared with the Celtics.

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Drafted by the Celtics in 2014, Smart played a pivotal role in establishing the team’s defensive culture and was honored with the 2022 Defensive Player of the Year award. Throughout his nine-year tenure with the Celtics, Smart embodied the franchise’s values of grit, toughness, and loyalty, earning the admiration of fans and teammates alike.

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While Smart acknowledges the business aspect of basketball, he admits to feeling hurt and blindsided by the trade. However, he has found solace in personal milestones such as his recent marriage, which has helped him cope with the transition. Despite the challenges, Smart remains focused on leveraging his experience to guide his new teammates in Memphis, demonstrating his leadership and mentorship qualities on and off the court.

In his return to TD Garden, Marcus Smart’s enduring legacy as a beloved Celtic was reaffirmed, serving as a testament to his impact on the organization and the city of Boston. While his journey has taken him to new heights, Smart’s bond with Boston remains unbreakable, as he continues to carry the spirit of the Celtics wherever he goes.

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