Los Angeles Lakers Are Slowly Moving Towards Keeping Their Roster Together Through The 2023-24 Season

Lakers are increasingly unlikely to make a major deadline trade.

Rob Pelinka

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Despite heavy rumblings about a potential shake-up for the Lakers this season, they may only end up making marginal changes, at most. In a recent update on the Lakers’ front office plans, NBA insider Jovan Buha confirmed that the fans shouldn’t hold their breath on the franchise making a major roster move within the next few days.

“Though James has made it clear where he stands and that he’d like for the organization to approach this deadline with the all-in approach he prefers, the likelihood that the Lakers stand pat or make a marginal move has somewhat increased in recent days, according to team and league sources,” wrote Jovan Buha of The Athletic.

Trades have always been the go-to move for the Purple and Gold, and even more so in the LeBron James era. It was a series of trades that helped turn around last season and now, they are hoping for a similar recovery in 2024 with just four days to go until the deadline. At 27-25 through the first half of action, it’s been an up-and-down campaign for the Lakers but if they can find the right pieces this season, it could set them back on the right path and ensure they keep building on the progress they’ve shown through this campaign.

Monday night’s win over the Charlotte Hornets is the latest example of their awakening and it continues a stretch of encouraging play that may impact the trade market. As winners of 8-4 in their last 12 games, and just three games back from the 6th seed in the West, they are still within reach of a guaranteed playoff spot and you can bet they still believe in their potential. Thanks to recent scoring outbursts from D’Angelo Russell and Austin Reaves, the team found a spark to push them back over .500 on the season and it’s looking somewhat plausible that they can repeat the miracle run that saved their season in 2023.

The Los Angeles Lakers Will Be Buyers At The NBA Trade Deadline

With LeBron James still playing at an All-NBA level, and has maintained loyalty to his teammates, the urgency is higher than ever for the Lakers to be competitive and fans have been begging the front office to take action and make a move. Sadly, while a major trade is looking increasingly unlikely for the Lakers, it doesn’t mean they’ll let the deadline pass without some serious negotiations. With a particular need for perimeter shooters and backcourt ball-handlers, the Lakers already have a framework of the kind of player they want, and early targets include names like Dejounte Murray, Zach LaVine, and even former fan-favorite Laker Alex Caruso. There’s no question that the Lakers would love to have any of those, but it remains to be seen if they are willing to pay the steep price for their acquisition.

According to the testimony of Rich Paul himself, LeBron James is untouchable and the same goes for his co-star teammate, Anthony Davis. Everyone else, however, could be had for the right price and the Lakers will due their due diligence this deadline by considering all their options to improve. But if no trade materializes, or none that the Lakers feel makes them significantly better, don’t expect Rob Pelinka to rush to judgment and a panic move. Regardless of what happens this week, things are sure to get interesting in the summer when LeBron has the option to opt out of his contract and become a free agent.

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