LeFirst! Bronny, Bryce, Zhuri, and Savannah do their best LBJ imitation

Even though LeBron James is one of the most famous players in the world, his wife, Savannah, and his three children still find ways to make fun of him. The King’s three children, Bronny, Bryce, and Zhuri, also have him cornered.

James’ UNINTERRUPTED brand published a video on Instagram featuring Bronny performing his father’s now-iconic celebration. The video was produced by Beats by Dre. The freshman at USC then continues to impersonate LBJ while describing King’s typical day.


“I’m leaving for my 5am workout,” Bronny says, mimicking LeBron James’s signature line. “Come home, take a two-hour nap, you know, go back to the gym at like 5pm, then have some ice cream and go to sleep.”








Savannah then performs a fantastic impersonation of James doing a reverse dribble on a basketball court. Meanwhile, Zhuri wrote his introduction in chalk.Zhuri also complained that her father is quite loud whenever he yawns, which prompted Bronny to flawlessly perform the “LeBron Yawn.”

When Bryce mimicked his dad’s yawn, he appeared a little more self-conscious than usual.

“It Be Ya Own People!!!” James used X (previously Twitter) to express his thoughts.

Stephen A. Smith falls to knees while pleading LeBron James and Anthony Davis for one thing

Stephen A. Smith is known for making outrageous claims. In reality, he is far more ordinary than he appears on TV to be.

Because of his uncomplicated nature, he takes pleasure in the warm weather, especially in California. Smith needs some help from some Los Angeles Lakers players to really appreciate that climate, especially in the summer.

Anthony Davis is beseeched by Stephen A. Smith.On Friday’s episode of First Take, Smith knelt down and begged Anthony Davis to bring his “A-game” every night if the Lakers were to make the NBA Finals this season.Smith poked fun at Denver, claiming he doesn’t want to go there for the Finals because he had to go there last year when the Nuggets won the championship.

Smith realizes that the Lakers have no chance unless Davis performs like the 8-time All-Star that he is. During his time with the Lakers, Davis has been erratic due largely to injuries.The Lakers defeated the Phoenix Suns on Thursday night, and Davis was a major reason why. He scored 30 points on 58.8 percent shooting, grabbed 12 rebounds, and had three steals and blocks. If the power forward continues to play like that night after night, the Lakers and Smith have a chance to win a championship again.

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