LeBron James On Lakers Legend Kobe Bryant’s Game: “He Didn’t Have Any Flaws”

Ahead of Kobe Bryant’s statue being unveiled, LeBron James spoke about the Lakers icon.

LeBron James On Lakers Legend Kobe Bryant's Game: "He Didn't Have Any Flaws"

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LeBron James had many epic battles on the court with Kobe Bryant during their iconic careers. With the Los Angeles Lakers set to unveil a statue of Bryant on February 8, LeBron was asked what element of his game was the hardest to stop.

“He didn’t have any flaws,” James said. “You just had to be on your toes throughout the course of however many minutes he was playing, which is probably going to be 40 plus. And you couldn’t take a possession off, because he was relentless on the floor every single night.

(starts at 3:03 mark):

That’s a pretty accurate description of what going up against Bryant would have been like. You were up against a man who had a complete game on the offensive end. Kobe was adept at scoring from everywhere on the court, and there was really no way to stop him.

He was also giving it his all at every moment of the game, and you had no chance of beating him unless you did the same. Kobe’s talent and his relentlessness helped him win five championships, two Finals MVPs, and an MVP, in what was a remarkable career.

He has gone down as arguably the greatest player in Lakers franchise history, and it is going to be a special moment when his statue gets unveiled. The unveiling will begin at 3:00 pm PT on Thursday, and the statue will be open to be public the following day.

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