KING OF RAP: Damian Lillard declares himself the greatest rapper in the NBA

Basketball player Damian Lillard is renowned for his clutch play and for being among the NBA’s top point guards. But in addition to being a member of the Portland Trail Blazers, Damian Lillard is a multi-talented individual who also records hip-hop music under the moniker “Dame D.O.L.L.A.” The most recent CD he released was called “Different On Levels The Lord Allowed.”

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IWhile there are other NBA players and past players who are involved in music production, particularly rapping, Damian Lillard feels he is the best rapper the league has ever seen. Without a doubt, Damian Lillard declared in a recent interview with Complex News that he is the greatest NBA rapper of all time.

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Damian Lillard rap: Dame Dolla album out Friday - Sports Illustrated

Simpson Pierce: Do you think you’re the best NBA rapper of all time, even though I know you wanted to kind of let go of the NBA rapper moniker for this particular question?Yeah, Damian Lillard Not a single hesitation. And even though Shaq and I got along well, many people assumed that we weren’t fond of one another while we were back and forth. However, that’s simply my opinion. People frequently comment, “Oh, Shaq got platinum albums or whatever he got,” in my opinion. Shaq, though, is a huge celebrity. He’s damn close to being an icon.That was how things were going to proceed at the time. It’s not the same now. Now let everyone rap. This is now a different game. I don’t think, “Oh, he did this.” Of course, I would like to accomplish the same thing, but when you mention that if people listen to every song I’ve ever released and every song he’s ever released, they will undoubtedly conclude that “Dame is the best rapper to ever play.”Shaquille O’Neal, who has released multiple rap albums and whose debut album “Shaq Diesel” was certified platinum, is mentioned by Damian Lillard in this interview. Even though the two had previously recorded diss songs in reaction to one another, there doesn’t seem to have been any genuine hostility between them. Though we cannot definitively state that Damian Lillard is the greatest NBA rapper of all time, he is undoubtedly brilliant and self-assured in his rhyming abilities.

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