Is Devin Booker a Past Date for Kelsey Plum? Denying Controversial Allegation Amid WNBA Season Opening Game

Everyone online has been talking about the daring dress that Las Vegas Aces star point guard Kelsey Plum wore before the WNBA season opening.

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Social media nitpickers wasted little time reviving one of the most glaring scandals associated with Plum, which also included shooting guard Devin Booker of the Phoenix Suns, as soon as photos of her in all-black leather trousers and a sleek sleeveless leather tank top appeared online.

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A phony photo purporting to show Booker and Plum kissing at the courtside was released by an X/Twitter account called NBA Centel, and it has now gone viral on other networks.

On the other hand, rumors about the two-star basketball players’ possible hookup had begun to circulate.

Is Kelsey Plum dating Devin Booker? WILD speculation breaks out after WNBA  star's PDA following Aces' title win – FirstSportz

TҺe nаme “NBа Centel” is аlmоst iԀenticаl tо tҺаt оf а reliаble sоurce tҺаt cоvers аll tҺe lаtest news in bаsketbаll аnԀ everytҺing invоlving NBа plаyers, sо it wоulԀ be аn eаsy cҺоice if yоu’ve ever cоme аcrоss tҺe X аccоunt оr if yоu’ve been clоsely fоllоwing tҺe lаtest NBа rumоrs аnԀ feuԀs.


Before this, I mentioned that NBA Centel is a parody account that occasionally posts unfounded rumors and misinformation. In case you were wondering, the answer is NO. Kelsey Plum is not now dating Devin Booker and she never was.

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