“I Hate The Conversation”: Comparing LeBron James’ ‘Daily Slander’ To Michael Jordan, Grant Hill Dishes On The GOAT Debate

Despite being 39 years old, Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James continues to amaze and defy the expectations of age. He recently earned his 20th NBA All-Star selection and is likely to earn his 19th All-NBA selection, both records by a significant margin. However, despite his incredible achievements, including being the NBA’s all-time leading scorer, James is often compared to Michael Jordan, which downplays his legacy. Retired NBA superstar Grant Hill, who witnessed both Jordan and James in their prime, explained on a podcast why James has had a more challenging career. He believes that James has faced more pressure and criticism, which Jordan didn’t experience during his time. Hill mentioned that Jordan was universally revered, while James has had to deal with unprecedented slander and vitriol, despite having no off-the-court controversies. Hill argues that old fans who love Jordan downplay James’ cultural impact, and analysts like Skip Bayless constantly undermine James instead of celebrating his greatness. James’ ability to lead weak rosters into the Finals and his losses to superior teams are seen as negatives, while Jordan’s failures are overlooked. Despite Jordan’s controversies such as his refusal to endorse a Democrat candidate and his gambling habit, he is now seen as a mythical figure. However, during his career, he faced criticisms and challenges that took a toll on him, ultimately leading to his retirement in 1993. The constant attacks from the media and the tragic death of his father contributed to his decision to step away from the game. While Jordan didn’t experience the social media era, he still had his fair share of difficulties in dealing with fame.

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