“He’s the Greatest Player; Bill Russell’s the Greatest Winner”: Magic Johnson Once Compared Michael Jordan’s Greatness to that of the Celtics Legend

Back in 2003, was among the NBA icons present on a TNT show talking about the greatness of . When asked about the Bulls legend, Magic simply responded by claiming that Jordan was easily the greatest player that the league had ever seen.

As seen in this video recording posted on YouTube by , Magic was the second analyst, after Danny Ainge, to rave about Jordan being the GOAT.  “He [MJ] is the greatest player and Bill Russell is the greatest winner. No question Michael is heads and shoulders above everybody else, ” Johnson said, before talking about MJ’s financial accomplishments in the league.

Johnson even compared Jordan to arguably the greatest professional boxer of all time, Muhammad Ali, in an attempt to quantify his greatness.

“There will be no basketball player, and don’t know if there will ever be another athlete who makes as much money as Michael Jordan, on the court and off the court. He will go down, like Muhammad Ali, and maybe even bigger,” Johnson claimed.


Michael Jordan paid heartwarming tribute to Bill Russell following his passing

Bill Russell was one of the first Black stars in the NBA who paved the way for social and racial equality in the league. On the occasion of the Celtic legend’s death in 2022, MJ posted a heartwarming tribute on Twitter, as per

Jordan stated that Russell served as an example to him and his fellow Black players, and was mournful for his family’s loss

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