Explore the lavish mansion of NBA star Ben Simmons and his girlfriend with extremely luxurious interiors

The property where Ben Simmons and his new girlfriend are reported to be living peacefully together is fascinating fans.

Images from Ben Simmons’ $20 million mansion in the Hidden Hills, California, suburb of Los Angeles. But the Nets guard is trying to get rid of it.

At the moment, Ben Simmons is regarded as one of the NBA’s most contentious players. The future of the three-time All-Star All-Defensive Team member looks dubious after he forced his way out of the Philadelphia 76ers and went on to miss games for the Brooklyn Nets following the exits of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. Have you ever been interested in learning more about the way of life of NBA player Simmons, who is controversial?

.The $20M house owned by Ben Simmons in Hidden Hills, Los Angeles, will be the subject of this story.



Simmons’s relationship with the Sixers organization ended in a particularly acrimonious manner. On the other hand, Simmons’ real estate portfolio was also extremely active at the time.

Between 2021 and 2022, Simmons listed a variety of properties for sale, including a $4.6 million home in New Jersey and a $2.75 million apartment with 3,100 square feet. At about this period, Simmons paid $17.5 million for a 12,000 square foot “modern farmhouse”. But Simmons decided to sell the exact same house for $23 million a little over a year later. In 2023, Simmons dropped the asking price of the home to $20 million after failing to find a buyer.

The home that Ben Simmons purchased for $20 million is located in the Hidden Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles.


The luxurious home in Hidden Hills that belongs to Simmons has a total of eight bathrooms and seven bedrooms. It is possible that the sophisticated architecture of the mansion and the use of well-known materials such as marble, oak, and brass assisted Simmons in deflecting criticism for his decisions both on and off the court. Simmons cherished the wide living space and game sections that were featured in his estate. The player for the Nets also owned a sizable backyard complete with a swimming pool, which he could join whenever he want some fresh air.

After many successful seasons, Simmons was rewarded with a contract extension for $177 million over the next five years. But despite the fact that he was able to live a sumptuous lifestyle as a result of it, the fact that he chose to skip games cost him a significant number of penalties. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Simmons’s net worth is currently estimated to be $6 million. Simmons’ career has gone from being one that had potential to being one that is riddled with uncertainty ever since he left the Sixers. This is due to the fact that he has not yet established himself.

However, for the time being, this is all the information that we have regarding Ben Simmons’ $20 million Hidden Hills house in Los Angeles.

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