SHOCKED FANS! Speculation Reignites Over Justin Bieber Possibly Being Father to Kourtney Kardashian’s Son

Whispers and wild theories have once again taken flight, this time casting a shadow of mystery over the paternity of Kourtney Kardashian’s son, Reign.  The buzz reignited following the premiere of the Kardashians’ latest venture on Hulu, especially given the uncanny resemblance some fans insist Reign shares with pop sensation Justin Bieber.

TikTok conspiracy theorist Paige McCloskey fanned the flames of this intrigue with a recent video, weaving a narrative of possibility around Bieber’s close ties with the Kardashian clan dating back to 2010 and the timing of Reign’s conception during a rocky phase in Kourtney and Scott’s relationship.


Despite the absence of concrete evidence and Kourtney’s unwavering loyalty being well-documented, the period of Reign’s birth saw Scott’s notable distance, raising eyebrows further.


Adding intrigue to the tale, rumors had once floated about a clandestine liaison between Kourtney and Bieber, bolstered by supposed similarities between Bieber’s childhood photos and young Reign.     Fuel was added to the speculative fire in 2017 when Scott allegedly sought a paternity test, sparked by a noticeable difference in resemblance between Reign and his siblings, though the Kardashian camp has remained tight-lipped on the matter.

Kim Kardashian’s hints at past paternity tests within the family and Kourtney’s own brush with such rumors concerning her firstborn, Mason, only serve to thicken the plot.

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