“I STILL LOVE HER!” Justin Bieber Reveals Lingering Feelings for Selena Gomez in Emotional Interview

In a recent interview, popular singer Justin Bieber opened up about his lingering feelings for former girlfriend Selena Gomez, explaining the reason why he can’t seem to move on. Bieber expressed his deep longing for Gomez, stating that he misses her immensely. Despite their breakup several years ago, he still finds it challenging to let go of his emotions for her.

Bieber’s heartfelt revelation sheds light on his ongoing struggle to get over Gomez. The pair had a tumultuous relationship before finally parting ways, and it seems that Bieber is still not over her. The singer’s candid admission showcases the intensity of his feelings, giving fans a glimpse into his emotional journey.



While Bieber has moved on to other relationships since his breakup with Gomez, he acknowledges that he still reminisces about their time together. Moreover, seeing Gomez move on with her life and find happiness only adds to Bieber’s longing for what they once had. It is evident that Gomez holds a special place in his heart, and Bieber’s honesty about his lingering emotions strikes a chord with many who have experienced similar situations.

In conclusion, Justin Bieber’s recent interview provides insight into his struggle to move on from Selena Gomez. Despite their breakup, Bieber still deeply misses Gomez and finds it difficult to let go of his feelings for her. .

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