Few people know that Jason Statham and Jennifer Lopez once starred together and had hot s*x scenes that made viewers extremely excited


The beautiful Latin music diva had extremely daring scenes in the new movie called Parker with her male co-star, action movie star Jason Statham.

Jennifer Lopez is one of the most popular and powerful stars in Hollywood today. In 2012, Forbes magazine honored her as the most powerful star in the world.

With an image that is popular around the world, Lopez has pocketed $1.4 billion in box office revenue worldwide. Therefore, it is not surprising that she is still a face that is noticed and favored by famous directors.

Recently, J.Lo attracted attention again in her acting role when the trailer for the movie “Parker” was released. In this short trailer, the audience was “burned” enough to enjoy the very seductive bathing scene of Jennifer Lopez with main actor Jason Statham.

Some scenes of J.Lo and Jason Statham in the movie.

“Parker” is a film about modern gangsters, set in the luxurious and wealthy setting of the Palm Beach area. The film was made by Oscar-winning director Taylor Hackford, adapted from the novel of the same name by famous author Donald E. Westlake.

It is predicted that when released, the film will attract significant attention and revenue with the participation of Jennifer Lopez.



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