Who has more moпey, Taylor Swift or Travis Kelce? Siпger aпd NFL player’s пet worth.

Taylor Swift or Travis Kelce 

“People saying Travis Kelce is clout chasing and getting his ’15 seconds of fame’ because of Taylor Swift do realize he is the greatest TE of all time and a two time Super Bowl champion right?”



Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce by the Numbers: Net Worths Explained | Us  Weekly




“I’m really gonna start fighting sports people saying taylor is with travis for pr literally what pr does she need?? she’s the biggest artist in the world. she does not need him name or his money. she ate ranch and ketchup and now heinz is mixing ranch and ketchup like please stfu,” a third fanthe biggest names in music and one of the most successful tight ends in NFL history linking up caused chaos across social media, with fans (and haters) debating who is more famous — and who has more money in the bank.the biggest (and most obvious) takeaway is both Kelce and Swift are very successful — and very rich — Us is taking a closer look at the numbers: Initially Kelce initially signed a four-year $3,126,304 contract with Chiefs, which included a $703,304 signing bonus, in 2013.


Four years later, Kelce’s contract was extended, and he inked an impressive five-year $46,842,000 contract with the team and a $10,000,000 signing bonus. For the 2023 season, Kelce’s salary will be $11,250,000

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