Taylor Swift’s relationship with Travis Kelce had Swifties so torn up about Jason Kelce’s reported retirement


While Taylor Swift’s relationship with Travis Kelce has undeniably boosted the Chiefs tight end’s profile amongst Swifties, he hasn’t been the only one to enjoy an expanded fan base this season.

Travis’ brother and Eagles center Jason Kelce has become a fan favorite this year between his Amazon documentary and consistent nods to SwiftTok on the New Heights Podcast. The past 12 months have given Taylor Swift fans a chance to see what kind of husband, father, brother and teammate Jason has been. And let me tell ya — they were invested.

So, when a tearful Jason Kelce was spotted on the sidelines watching the final moments of the Eagles’ playoff loss to the Buccaneers (and the reported end to his NFL career), fans — both Eagles and Swifties — collectively felt it.

Jason  pic.twitter.com/3tLvyM9XH1

— NFL (@NFL) January 16, 2024

Swifties were all disappointed after only getting a season to watch Jason Kelce’s playing career.

This was how Twitter reacted

for the president of tayvis nation, thank you jason. pic.twitter.com/CzCg33UmOq

— Pau ⸆⸉ (@taytaytay013) January 16, 2024

god please take away jason kelce’s pain and give it to Ted Cruz


— Sarah Danielle (@agingerswiftie) January 16, 2024

god please take Jason Kelce’s pain away and give it to K*nye W*est pic.twitter.com/8bgOx6UxqG

— Gain Swiftie Mutuals 🩷 (@swiftiemootstwt) January 16, 2024

god please take away jason kelce’s pain and give it to jake gyllenhaal pic.twitter.com/2VRuYtVJ89

— leslea  (@theLESiknow) January 16, 2024

I’m going to start a thread filled with Jason Kelce edits I find on TikTok pic.twitter.com/vRH0PnoWcj

— Tay (@SwifTE87) January 16, 2024

this moment between jason and travis will always be special pic.twitter.com/JAS2cc9VNf

— sarah (@tayvischarm) January 16, 2024

I’m just thinking that in 2 years, we would be bawling our eyes out for Travis’ final game just like how we did with Jason today pic.twitter.com/j7oJIWCKWi

— Tayvis Unicorn  (@karmaspeaknow) January 16, 2024

A lot of Swifties tuned into New Heights after that first game but the fact is they stayed. And they stayed because of Jason and Travis. Because of how respectfully they treated their new fan base, how welcoming they made that space and we love them for it.

— Ms. M (@cansportschick) January 16, 2024

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