Taylor Swift tries to connect with her boyfriend before “long distance relationship”

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are currently trying their best to maintain their emotional connection before the female singer continues to be busy with the tour.


According to TMZ sources, the relationship of Taylor Swift and her boyfriend Travis Kelce is about to enter a challenging period when they will be forced to be constantly apart in the near future. The reason is because Taylor is preparing to restart the Eras Tour, while the rugby athlete is participating in the playoffs for the NFL season.

“Taylor and Travis are working hard to keep their relationship alive and thriving,” the source revealed.

Also according to this source, the singer born in 1989 has been making many decisions in his relationship with the Kansas City Chiefs athlete. In it, it seems that Taylor played an important role in finding a house and designing the interior for Travis Kelce, and helping him arrange everything.

Previously, a rumor said that the couple was planning to get married in the summer after dating for 6 months. However, insiders believe that Taylor and Travis are still in the “honeymoon” phase of their relationship and it is still too early to know whether they will get past the dating stage.

The pair of American stars first announced their relationship in September 2023 when the female singer went to a Kansas City Chiefs football match to cheer on Travis Kelce. In an interview with TIME, Taylor admitted that at this public time, the couple had been courting and dating for a while.​

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