Taylor Swift has ‘awkward’ relationship with NFL star boyfriend’s brother and wife

Taylor Swift’s relationship with Travis Kelce has hit a bump due to an ‘awkward’ situation involving his brother, Jason, and sister-in-law Kylie. According to Life and Style magazine, Swift’s introduction to the Kelce family hasn’t been smooth sailing.


Before a game between Jason’s Philadelphia Eagles and Travis’ Kansas City Chiefs last November, Kylie gave an interview that didn’t sit well with Swift. Kylie said she isn’t a fan of the limelight and prefers watching games from the stands rather than luxury suites – quite the opposite of Swift, who is often seen in plush NFL boxes while supporting her beau.

A source told Life and Style: “Taylor hasn’t had the best reception from Jason and his wife.” They added: “Taylor took that personally and since then it’s been very awkward. Taylor understands that it can be exhausting, but she can’t help that everything she does becomes front-page news.”

Swift and Travis reportedly had their first argument over the festive period, with the football star left upset over Kansas City’s defeat to the Las Vegas Raiders on Christmas Day. Travis reportedly snapped at Swift but later apologised.

The Kelce brothers don’t seem phased by the alleged division, and have continued to pump out episodes of their podcast, ‘New Heights’, despite the “awkward” vibes.

Travis and the Chiefs faced the Miami Dolphins on Saturday Night Football and ran out blowout winners, while Jason with the Eagles face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday Night Football.

Taylor Swift and Jason Kelce have an awkward relationship ( Image: Getty)

Travis Kelce isn’t fussed about the cold, saying: “I don’t think anybody is really weighing in on weather, at least I’m not. I don’t give a rats a**.

“You just gotta stay warm on the sidelines, get a few claps in, get the hand stinging, get the blood-flow going in the hands and then just go out there and headbutt somebody man, cos that gets the blood-flow going a little bit more than usual.”

He added, “It’ll be a cold one and you know what, hopefully that slows down the speed on the Miami offense. That’s world class speed right there.”

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