Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Matching Diamond ‘TNT’ Bracelets: Jeweler Reveals the Romantic Details! (Exclusive)

“The first time we saw the bracelet was when the rest of the world saw it too!” Simone Kendle, CEO of Wove Made Inc., tells PEOPLE of Swift’s sweet gift from Kelce


Ever since Wove Made Inc., which began primarily as a custom engagement ring company, sent Kelce the bracelets, the team excitedly watched Swift at games hoping to spot her wearing the bracelet. Kendle says they tracked all the photos of her that were being released – whether they were of her cheering Travis on at a game or on a night out in New York.

“The first time we saw the bracelet was when the rest of the world saw it too!” she says.

“We had all but given up on ever seeing her spotted in the bracelet until THAT infamous hug,” she adds. “As she wrapped her arms around Travis to congratulate him, a member from our team spotted the bracelet peeking out from her sweater and rang the alarm!”


Kendle also posted a video on TikTok where she broke down more information about the ring. Since then it’s gone viral with almost 300,000 views.

“The fact he wanted to give her his number on a bracelet and then got her a custom tennis friendship bracelet is iconic,” one person comments on the video.

Another TikTok user writes: “I love that he is sentimental like this. She deserves this kind of love ♥️”

In the days since the sighting on Swift, Kendle shares how they’ve seen a 5,000% increase in their site traffic. Their social media followers more than doubled and they had a jewelry sales increase of 2,461.46%.

“We appreciate the outpouring of support that we’ve received from the community online. People have been so kind and supportive and we’ve seen nothing but positivity that’s come from this moment,” Kendle says.

“We have a connection to so many different communities and we’ve really seen people from all over cheering us on,” she adds. “It’s been touching to see the impact we’ve had and that our story of a small startup being on the wrist of one of the world’s biggest celebrities is a success story that’s inspired people!”

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