My best friend and bridesmaid is ditching my wedding to see Taylor Swift’s Eras tour in Melbourne – this is the moment she told me the news

Thousands were left cringing after a bridesmaid told her best friend she wouldn’t be able to attend her wedding because she’s going to a Taylor Swift concert instead.


Jess, from Melbourne, has been frustrated by her guests dropping out of her wedding to see Taylor Swift who is performing on the same night on February 17.

Her best friend and bridesmaid Olivia broke the news that she would also be leaving the celebrations early to attend the superstar’s concert – and Jess did not take it well.

Olivia bought the tickets back in December and was ‘anxious’ to tell the bride even while shopping for bridesmaids dresses.

The heated exchange between the two friends played out on the Fifi, Fev and Nick Hit breakfast show on Wednesday.

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Olivia was set to be a bridesmaid at her best friend Jess’ wedding however she had to break the news she would be skipping the event to go to Taylor Swift’s concert

‘Obviously the whole Taylor thing, we’ve been talking about it and you’ve been saying how annoying it is that people have been backing out,’ Olivia said.

‘But I haven’t told you I got tickets for the Saturday and this was done before Christmas. However, I was thinking of trying to compromise here and make it work.’

Olivia said she would ‘scoot off’ early and return to the reception after the concert. The wedding is in the Yarra Valley while Taylor Swift is an hour away in Melbourne.

Jess was in disbelief and asked whether her bridesmaid was playing a ‘prank’.

‘I feel really bad, I do but I have loved Taylor for so long, you are aware of this and you knew how hard it was to get tickets,’ Olivia replied.

But Jess flew off the handle slamming her friend for withholding the news and poking holes in her compromise.

‘You’ve known this before December and it’s three weeks until my wedding and you’re telling me now?’ she said.

‘I’m getting married in the Yarra Valley, how are you going to go to Taylor Swift and then come back? How is that even possible?’

Olivia was convinced her plan would work as she thought the show would only go for a couple of hours but one of the hosts pointed out Taylor performs for three.

‘You want to miss a part of my wedding to go to a Taylor Swift concert? You know how much this has been annoying me that people have been dropping out to go to her and you’ve known all along that you’re going to go to her concert,’ Jess said.

Olivia said she feels like a ‘bad friend’ before breaking down in tears.

‘She’s so angry at me, I feel awful. I’ve been meaning to tell you Jessie, I know but I’ve been so anxious about it and I know how much this wedding means to you,’ she said.

‘I’ve been there through every step of the way and even when we were trying on the bridesmaids dresses I was going to tell you but I don’t know you just paid and I got nervous.’

But Jess was having none of it.

‘I don’t even understand though you’ve gone and bought tickets on my wedding date. I’m not trying to be mean right now, I think I’m just angry before I’m even upset because I’m so stressed, it’s three weeks out,’ she said.

Jess was furious at Olivia saying she has been ‘annoyed’ by so many guests dropping out of her wedding to attend the concert (stock image)

‘I want you there next to me on my day and you’re not going to be there.’

Host Fifi Box suggested Olivia skip the concert but she was hesitant calling it a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity.

Listeners were shocked by the bridesmaid’s deceit and told Jess to ‘get new friends’.

‘Tell her to go. And never call you again,’ one woman said.

‘This bride needs new friends. The friend defending her dog act by saying it’s a once in a lifetime chance, so is your best friends wedding,’ a second commented.

‘The fact that some of you are missing the fact that she would have know about the wedding way before this tour was released!’ a third pointed out.

‘Girl just swap your tickets with someone for one of the other nights. I love Taylor too but I’d never pick her over my best friend,’ someone suggested.

However some sided with Olivia with one saying: ‘I’m sorry but I would have gone to see Taylor too’.

‘Friendships come and go. Eras Tour is once on a lifetime. I know what I would do, but I would have told her sooner,’ another wrote.

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