Ross just shared his own experience of how a meal worth more than $500k with Jay-Z changed his life

Rick Ross Says Lunch with JAY-Z Is Worth More Than $500k ‘If You’re Ready to Digest the Knowledge’

Following JAY-Z’s recent resolution of the viral dispute, Ross related his personal story of how a dinner with the rapper from “99 Problems” transformed his life.

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Recording artists Rick Ross, Jay-Z attend the 2010 World Basketball Festival Tip Off after party at Avenue on August 12, 2010 in New York City.

Rick Ross and JAY-Z in New York City in August 2010. PHOTO:

Rick Ross would rather have lunch with Jay-Z than $500,000. (Of course, chances are strong that he’s got that type of money already.)

Following Jay-Z’s recent resolution of the viral controversy by suggesting that fans accept the money during a lunch meeting with him, Ross threw his own ideas to the mix, advocating the exact opposite course of action, motivated by his own life experiences.

“I’ll have the supper, and I’ll explain why. Before I submitted my second album in 2008, Hov and I had a meeting. We had lunch,” the 47-year-old Ross stated in a video that he uploaded to his Instagram Story this week. “He said, ‘Rozay, versus writing to every beat you like, write to every record you could make work.’”

Ross recalled the 53-year-old rapper “99 Problems” telling tales about his personal experiences that inspired him to modify his approach to music. “So, I went from writing one record to every 80 beats I liked, to writing 40 records out of every 80 beats I could make work,” he explained. “It took me to another level as a writer, another level as an artist.”

The “Hustlin’” performer claims that eating dinner with Jay-Z is a better choice, but only if you know how to spend the time. “So you gotta ask yourself — are you ready to digest the knowledge, or you just wanna look at his watch at the table?”

jay z and rick ross

JAY-Z and Rick Ross. LEON BENNETT/ FILMMAGIC; REBECCA SAPP/GETTY JAY-Z Settles Debate over Whether $500K or Lunch with Him Is Worth More: ‘You Gotta Take the Money’

In a subsequent video posted on social media, Ross addressed JAY-Z’s advice not to pick the lunch. “I understand. You guys are familiar with Hov. He’s modest,” he remarked, adding that it wouldn’t be worthwhile to just accept the lunch and inquire about his experiences penning popular songs. “I would tell you get the money too, but if you ready to digest the knowledge that he gon’ give you… It’s priceless.”

In a recent interview with Gayle King for CBS Mornings, which debuted exclusively on PEOPLE earlier this week before airing on Thursday and Friday, Jay-Z discussed the viral topic.

Jay-Z attends the Shawn Carter Foundation 20th Anniversary Black Tie Gala at Pier 60 on July 14, 2023 in New York City

Rick Ross Gives Nearly $10,000 in Scholarships to Students at His Old High School

He provided sound business counsel to end the argument, saying, “You have to accept the money. What am I going to say?

Speaking about the spirit of the argument, King, 68, noted that many people believe that the rap icon’s “wisdom” will enable them to earn more than $500,000 on their own.

CBS Mornings Gayle King and Jay-Z

But JAY-Z would still take the money if he had to make a decision. “Because the music contains all of that for just $10.99. It’s not a good deal. I wouldn’t urge you to make a poor bargain,” he said. “Take the $500,000, go purchase some records, and enjoy the music.” Everything is available.”

It’s all there if you put it all together and pay close attention to the music to hear the words and the meaning. All of the things I predicted actually happened. “I’ve accomplished everything I stated I wanted to do, and there’s the blueprint,” he continued, alluding to the name of his seminal album from 2001. “The blueprint — literally — to me and my life and my journey is there already.”

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