Jason Kelce Calls Out Patrick Mahomes for His Comments on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive

Patrick ‘Texas Gunslinger’ Mahomes is the epitome of a party animal. From shot-gunning a beer at his home turf during a Luke Combs concert to taking his squad mates to Sin City for a second round of partying, the two-time MVP is always at the top of his game. However, when appearing on Logan Paul’s ‘Impaulsive’ podcast, Mahomes made it very clear that he can no longer ‘keep up’ with the Kelce brothers when it comes to partying. And Jason Kelce isn’t buying it.

In a recent episode of the ‘New Heights’ podcast, the elder Kelce didn’t mince words and called it ‘bullls*it’ while reacting to Mahomes’ claims about not being able to keep up while partying. The Chiefs’ QB feels that he used to be able to run with the big dogs, but ever since he added his little ones to the family tree, it’s no longer the case.

Jason, however, didn’t skip a beat, making it clear that Mahomes was playing ‘coy’ and if he had his Coors Light, no one would keep up with him.

“I’m calling bulls*it. Pat can keep up. He knows he can,” Jason asserted. “He’s playing coy right now. Everybody knows, especially if it’s Coors Light, nobody’s keeping up with Pat.”

The younger Kelce, Travis, doubled down and added that Mahomes had depleted an entire bar’s supply of Coors Light when he started to drink. And this actually happened twice.

“I’ve seen that man literally drink bars out of Coors. Literally!” Travis recalled. “Like, uh, we gotta run to the store and get some more. We didn’t think we were gonna run out of these things. But Pat Mahomes has done it twice now.” 

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