Taylor Swift aпd Brother Aυstiп Swift Are the Defiпitioп of Sυpportive Sibliпgs aпd Uпbreakable Boпd.

Taylor Swift aпd Brother Aυstiп Swift Are the Defiпitioп of Sυpportive Sibliпgs aпd Uпbreakable Boпd.


Taylor Swift and her younger brother, Austin Swift, have a tight-knit bond.

While the siblings don’t constantly post about each other on social media, they have shared the rare tribute to each other over the years. Not to mention, Austin seems super supportive of Taylor’s relationship with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

Not only has Austin been photographed alongside Taylor during various Chiefs games in 2023, but he got Kelce a special Christmas gift in December 2023, and the NFL star couldn’t help but gush over it.

“He actually made me feel like a child because his gift to me was straight out of the bag,” Kelce gushed during his “New Heights” podcast in December 2023. “[He] handed me a VHS of my favorite football movie of all time … Little Giants.”

While Austin hasn’t commented publicly on his sister’s romantic relationships, he has explained what it has been like having such an influential sibling.

“As a brother and friend I couldn’t be more proud, as a lifelong fan I am thrilled beyond words, as a human being I am simply dumbfounded at this level of artistry and depth of insight into what it is to love and to lose and to simply exist,” he wrote on Instagram in December 2020. “Now please stop reading this and go listen to evermore by @taylorswift !!!!!”

Keep scrolling for an inside look into Austin and Taylor’s sibling relationship:

The Kanye West Battle

Taylor and Kanye West haven’t seen eye-to-eye in years, but when he released the song “Famous” in February 2016, Austin outwardly supported his sister.

“Getting a head start on some spring cleaning,” Austin captioned a video of himself throwing West’s Yeezy brand sneakers in the trash. “Here we go again.”

Birthday Tributes


Over the years, Austin has shared sweet birthday tributes dedicated to the “best sister.”

“I can’t believe you’ve been riding ponies, making music, playing with cats, and telling stories for almost three decades now,” he captioned an Instagram post from December 2016. “You’ve always been there for your family and friends no matter what and you’re always finding unique and beautiful ways to show us how much you care.”

His Best Friend

Taylor shared an Instagram post about the 2018 midterm elections in Tennessee. Austin was beaming with pride when his sister shared her beliefs.

“When you thought you couldn’t respect your best friend any more than you already do. And then you do,” he wrote at the time, sharing her original caption.

Taylor Swift and Brother Austin Swift Are the Definition of Supportive Siblings

Her Producing Credit

Eagle-eyed fans speculated that Austin released a cover of Taylor’s “Look What You Made Me Do” under the moniker Jack Leopards & The Dolphin Club. Nils Sjöberg — Taylor’s pseudonym — was listed as a producer on the track, which was featured in a 2020 episode of Killing Eve.

The single art featured what appeared to be a photo of Austin as a child with his face covered. In the image, the youngster is wearing a Dolphin Club T-shirt. Of course, neither sibling has confirmed the fan theory.

A Supportive Sibling

In 2022, Austin let it slip that he was on the team that helped created Taylor’s “I Bet You Think About Me” music video, which was directed by Blake Lively.

“I am so proud and thankful that we’ve been nominated for the ACM award for video of the year!” he wrote on Instagram of the song in February 2022.

The Travis Kelce Connection

Austin dressed up as Santa Claus during the Chiefs Christmas Day game in 2023 and earned Kelce’s respect.

“I respect a full commit,” the NFL star said on the “New Heights” podcast. “It was a full commit. He killed it.”

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