Shania Twain praises Taylor Swift’s work ethic: “That girl is working her butt off”

Shania Twain praises Taylor Swift’s work ethic: “That girl is working her butt off”

Shania Twain has shared new praise for Taylor Swift – see what Twain had to say below.

In a new cover profile with Haute Living, Shania Twain talks about her trouble with accepting credit for the talent she was born with: “I wouldn’t say I’m proud of anything

I’ve done. Pride is not a great word for me, because I don’t think you can take credit for creative gifts if you were born with them; you can only take credit for developing them. What I would say I’m proud of is that I had the courage to take risks, that I could be so hard-working and dedicated.”

In this sense, she likens herself to Taylor Swift, who she praised for her work ethic. “That girl is working her butt off.

She is living an exhausting existence, but she’d dedicated and committed to herself, to her art, and her work. It isn’t even about ambition, though I’m sure that most people would call her ambitious,” Shania Twain said.

Twain went on to explain: “She’s an extremely hard worker, and I’m sure she’s got giant goals. But it’s not all about ambition: it’s about passion and committing yourself to your passion.

[Like Taylor], I was and am someone who does that, and that’s what really reaps rewards. So, I would say that I’m most proud of my perseverance, and that I didn’t waste my talents.”

This isn’t the first time that Twain – who will be performing the legends’ slot at Glastonbury this year – has shown support for Taylor Swift. In 2022, Twain congratulated Swift after the latter broke Twain’s long-standing US chart record.

Twain wrote on social media at the time: “Historical records are meant to be made and then broken. The baton is meant to be passed on to new generations. Unstoppable young female country artists are [flame emoji] inspite of the hurdles.”

Twain’s opinion of Taylor Swift notable juxtapose Courtney Love‘s recent comments about the pop singer. The Hole frontwoman recently slammed Taylor Swift, saying that she is “not important” and “not interesting as an artist”.

Speaking to The Standard in an interview recently, love shared “Taylor is not important. She might be a safe space for girls, and she’s probably the Madonna of now, but she’s not interesting as an artist.”

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