Taylor Swift fans are convinced Travis surprised her at Dublin show and here is Taylor’s reaction when Travis unexpectedly appeared at the final Dublin show…

Kelce missed the first two nights of his girlfriend’s Eras Tour show in Dublin after attending a team-mate’s wedding in the US, but he was back in Europe on Sunday night to watch night three at Aviva Stadium.

It is unclear whether Taylor knew he would be there, but a video filmed by a fan showed the singer glance at the VIP area during the show, before visibly gasping.

In a separate clip, Kelce is keen arriving with security midway through Swift’s rendition of August – about halfway through the final show in Ireland.

Fans went crazy when Kelce emerged from the bowels of the stadium to make his way through to the VIP area, where Julia Roberts and Stevie Nicks were among the A-list guests in attendance.

Taylor Swift appeared to gasp as she spotted her boyfriend Travis Kelce in Dublin on Sunday

Swift then pointed at her man in the VIP area

Kelce arrived halfway through night three of the Eras Tour at Aviva Stadium

When the three-hour show ended, Kelce was quick to make his way to the side of the stage where he greeted his girlfriend – much to the delight of the adoring crowd.

In a romantic clip, Kelce can be seen hyping up the crowd in a bid to make them cheer louder for Taylor after her performance.

During the second half of the show, Kansas City Chiefs star Kelce was pictured enjoying a beer as he gazed lovingly at his other half on the stage.

He was also spotted chatting to Julia Roberts in the VIP area, and fans went crazy for his shock appearance at the show.

He had traveled a very long way after being spotted dancing with friends at team-mate Clyde Edwards-Helaire’s wedding in California just 24 hours earlier.

After seeing his Chiefs pal tie the knot to JoJo O’Connor in Calabasas, the tight end was straight on a flight across America, and then the Atlantic, to land in Dublin in time to catch the second half of the show.

Swift now has a few days off before her Eras Tour recommences in Amsterdam on July 4, hinting that the loved-up pair are set to spend a few days together in Europe.

Taylor waves at the crowd as she and Travis walk arm in arm off the stage in Dublin

Kelce gives his girlfriend her flowers and urges the crowd to cheer louder

Kelce was also greeted by Hollywood A-lister Julia Roberts in the VIP area at the Aviva Stadium

They have already enjoyed a break at Lake Como this summer, and Kelce currently has some spare time before heading back to Kansas City for the start of practice ahead of the NFL season.

It is exactly a week on from Kelce’s shock appearance on stage with his girlfriend as a backing dancer at Wembley Stadium.

The 34-year-old joined Taylor and her crew for the song ‘I Can Do It With a Broken Heart,’ sending Swifties into delirium in front of Sir Paul McCartney and Fleabag’s Andrew Scott.

While on stage, he wore an old school tux that included a white bow tie, tailcoat and top hat, and even carried his popstar girlfriend in front of the sold-out crowd at one point.

Swift finished three nights in Dublin on Sunday, and now has a few days off before Amsterdam

Kelce stunned fans by arriving at the show midway through Taylor's rendition of 'August'

Swift can be seen performing in a red dress as Kelce made his way to the VIP area

Travis has now been to 10 Eras Tour shows, beginning last July in Kansas City before their romance began – when he tried to give her a friendship bracelet with his phone number on it.

After they began dating, he traveled to Buenos Aires, and has since seen shows in Australia, Singapore (x2), Paris, London (x3) and now Dublin.

That followed Swift traveling round America as Kelce’s biggest fan – attending his NFL games throughout the season, culminating with a Super Bowl win in Las Vegas.

After the big final game of the season, the pair kissed on the field at Allegiant Stadium to secure their place as America’s sweethearts – and it shows no signs of slowing down.

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