LeBron James Family Want To End His Career But Ex-Lakers Star Uses 16YO Bryce James To Make Tempting Offer

LeBron James Family Want To End His Career But Ex-Lakers Star Uses 16YO Bryce James To Make Tempting Offer

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Despite recently concluding his 21 NBA season, LeBron James shows zero intentions of retiring anytime soon. After the Lakers were eliminated, when the 39-year-old was asked if his most recent game was his last one, he replied, “I’m not going to answer that”. According to his agent, Rich Paul, the one thing that can cut LeBron’s time short is if his family insists on it. However, a former Lakers star suggested that Bron could use Bryce, not Bronny, as a motive to keep going at the highest level of the sport!

Nick Young, on Vlad TV, highlighted his belief that LeBron James could stay in the NBA as a player for about three more years. While he wishes to have suggested a longer timeline, the former player knew that the ‘All-Time Leading Scorer’ would only stay on to see one of his inner desires come to fruition. “I think he plays…. until the son plays,” said Young.

“Until Bryce comes along,” Young concluded with a chuckle. At only 16, LeBron’s middle 𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘭𝘥 has already started following in his father’s footsteps by serving as a shooting guard in Sierra Canyon and then Campbell Hall. On the other side, LeBron’s eldest son, Bronny, is also someone with basketball aspirations. But after analyzing his under-par performance as a USC Trojans Guard, his chances in the NBA draft this summer are slim.

So, Nick Young, without saying too much, has made an educated guess about LeBron James’ future timeline. But does his family really share the same sentiment? A few days ago, Rich Paul admitted that the veteran’s family had been an “unbelievable support system”. However, he thought logically, and then said, “At some point, come on, man, it’s got to be about them. And I think from that perspective, maybe two to three, you know”.

Otherwise, Paul was pretty certain that body fitness-wise Lebron could continue for 5 years straight and if it were only up to his mentality, he could continue forever! ‘King James’ has already established an elite legacy in the NBA, and the 39-year-old has made it clear that he wants to play a season with Bronny. However, Savannah and he put the fanbase in a sort of muddle a few months ago with a teaser.

LeBron James once highlighted his wish to play alongside both Bronny and Bryce!

We all know that LeBron James has never shied away from revealing his career intentions being in sync with Bronny being drafted. Reportedly, the Lakers seem to have a trick up their sleeve as they’re even considering drafting the 19-year-old in an attempt to retain his dad. Given that it would take some time for Bryce to be ready for the big league, LeBron has seldom talked about their on-court partnership. However, he did drop a quick hint about it.

Back in October 2023, the four-time NBA champion starred in a commercial for the audio products brand ‘Beats by Dre’. His wife, Savannah James, did the voiceover. While passing on a stream of motivating quotes to her husband, she narrated, “Tell them you’re not done until you play with your son”. After a not-so-brief pause, she continued by saying, “Then do that, again”. As this second line was being uttered, the visual quickly switched from Bronny to Bryce. If that isn’t a good enough hint of what the Lakers star truly desires, then what is?

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