LeBron James Can Earn Upto $162,000,000 If He Opts Out Of The Los Angeles Lakers Contract

LeBron James Can Earn Upto $162,000,000 If He Opts Out Of The Los Angeles Lakers Contract

The NBA world is abuzz with speculation after agent Rich Paul hinted that LeBron James might soon become a free agent. This revelation has reignited discussions about James potentially joining a team that drafts his son, Bronny James.

Among the most talked-about destinations are the Phoenix Suns and the Philadelphia 76ers. However, sports analyst Colin Cowherd has quickly shut down these rumors, arguing that such a move would not enhance James’ legacy. 

“Winning another championship, for LeBron James, does nothing to his legacy and nothing to his net worth. He’s a marketing machine, he’s a billionaire. He got 2 in Miami, 1 in Cleveland, 1 in LA – another one in Phoenix is not going to change everything,” Cowherd remarked, dispelling the rumors.

Cowherd believes that while James might opt out of his current contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, it would be more of a procedural move rather than a sign of him leaving the team. He views this as a strategy to secure a longer tenure with the Lakers.

“You’re kidding yourself. You’re not getting LeBron,” Cowherd declared. “He’s not leaving. He’s posturing. It’s procedural, he’ll opt-out. He’s got the Olympics, that’ll add more to his legacy frankly. Make him more likable frankly than winning a title in Phoenix.”


Cowherd’s confidence stems from Bronny James’ desire to carve out his path in the NBA, a journey that LeBron has long supported. This focus on Bronny’s career further reduces the likelihood of LeBron making a significant move away from the Lakers.

LeBron James is currently halfway through a two-year, $99 million contract with the Lakers, which includes a $51.4 million option for the 2024-25 season. Opting out could allow him to secure the richest NBA contract, a potential three-year deal worth $162 million. This financial consideration adds another layer to his plans.

According to Rich Paul, discussions about James’ future are still in the early stages. “We’re gonna do what we do every year. We’re gonna evaluate the situation and we’re gonna make the best decision,” Paul commented on Saturday.


There is also a possibility that James might sign a smaller deal with the Lakers, which could still offer him the benefits of a new contract while ensuring his continued presence with the team.

LeBron James’ potential free agency is not just a contract negotiation; it’s a major event in the NBA world. Teams are well aware that acquiring LeBron would bring immense talent and global attention. However, as Cowherd suggests, the chances of James leaving the Lakers are slim.


Amid the speculation about LeBron, the future of Bronny James is equally captivating. Fans and analysts are keenly watching Bronny’s journey to the NBA, with many hoping to see him play alongside his father. LeBron has expressed his desire to share the court with his son, adding another layer of intrigue to his career decisions.

LeBron James remains one of the most influential figures in sports. His career decisions are closely followed, and whether he opts out of his current contract or stays with the Lakers under a new deal, his legacy is already secured. His future moves will continue to captivate the basketball world.

As the June 29 deadline approaches, fans and analysts will be watching closely to see what the next chapter holds for LeBron and Bronny James. The anticipation ensures that the upcoming NBA seasons will be filled with excitement and speculation.

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