LeBron, AD & Zach LaVine pulled up to watch Bronny’s pro day ahead of NBA draft

LeBron, AD & Zach LaVine pulled up to watch Bronny’s pro day ahead of NBA draft

In a display of support and anticipation, LeBron JamesAnthony Davis, and Zach LaVine made a notable appearance at Bronny James’s pro day ahead of the upcoming NBA Draft. The event, filled with excitement and high expectations, drew significant attention as Bronny showcased his skills and readiness to join the professional ranks.


LeBron James, one of the most celebrated players in NBA history, took the front row to witness his son’s pivotal moment. LeBron’s presence was more than just supportive; it was a symbolic passing of the torch to the next generation. As a proud father, LeBron watched intently, offering guidance and encouragement to Bronny.


Joining LeBron was his Lakers teammate, Anthony Davis. Davis, a seasoned player with a wealth of experience, has often taken on a mentorship role within the team. His attendance at Bronny’s pro day highlights the strong bond within the Lakers and their collective support for the younger James’s potential NBA career.

Zach LaVine, known for his explosive playing style and scoring ability, also showed up to support Bronny. LaVine’s presence underscores the camaraderie and mutual respect among NBA players, regardless of team affiliations. His support adds a layer of validation to Bronny’s growing reputation in the basketball community.


Bronny James has been in the spotlight for most of his life, but his pro day marked a significant milestone in his journey towards the NBA. He demonstrated his skills, from shooting and ball-handling to defensive plays and athleticism. The scouts and audience were keenly observing his performance, assessing his readiness for the professional league.


Being the son of LeBron James comes with high expectations and immense pressure. However, Bronny has shown remarkable composure and determination. His performance at the pro day was a testament to his hard work, resilience, and the guidance he has received from his father and other NBA mentors.

Bronny’s pro day attracted numerous scouts and analysts, all eager to evaluate his potential. Their assessments will play a crucial role in his draft prospects. Early feedback suggests that Bronny’s performance has impressed many, solidifying his position as a strong candidate for the draft.

As the NBA Draft approaches, speculation about Bronny’s potential teams grows. Various franchises are eyeing him, considering how his skills and pedigree could fit into their roster. The draft will be a significant event, not just for Bronny, but for the future dynamics of the league.


The James family’s legacy in basketball is already well-established, with LeBron’s illustrious career setting a high bar. Bronny’s journey into the NBA represents the continuation of this legacy. His success would be a testament to the family’s dedication to the sport and their influence on future generations.

The support Bronny received from prominent players like LeBron, AD, and LaVine reflects the tight-knit nature of the basketball community. This solidarity is crucial for young players stepping into the professional arena, providing them with the confidence and inspiration needed to succeed.


Bronny James’s pro day was a significant event, marked by the support of some of the NBA’s biggest stars. As he prepares for the upcoming NBA Draft, the anticipation and excitement continue to build. With the guidance of his father and the backing of the basketball community, Bronny is poised to make a remarkable entry into the NBA, continuing the legacy of excellence and passion for the game.

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