Kim Kardashian’s ‘shocking’ Waist At The Met Gala Is Thanks To This Habit

Kim Kardashian’s ‘shocking’ Waist At The Met Gala Is Thanks To This Habit

Kim Kardashian just shared her difficult exercise challenge on her personal Instagram page with more than 363 million followers. This is considered a habit that helped her have a shocking performance at the 2024 Met Gala.

Kim Kardashian’s gym routine is supervised by fitness trainer Seneda Greca, including 20 minutes of exercise every day with exercises such as squats, weight lifting and resistance training.

Among these videos, the trainer can be heard asking Kim to “slow down” and warning that she is working out too fast. The witty reality TV star left a comment: “Obviously I don’t always listen to her.”

The theme of this year’s Met Gala was Sleeping Beauty: Fashion Awakens, in which Kim embodied the theme by wearing a metallic silver corset-style dress by famous designer John Galliano. The corset dress hugged Kim’s waist in a “tight” and constricting way.


Kim đã tập luyện với Seneda Greca trong nhiều năm và khen ngợi cô ấy nhiều lần trên mạng xã hội. Thậm chí trang Instagram của Seneda cũng nhận được lượt follow lớn không thua kém các ngôi sao nổi tiếng

The owner himself also admitted that discomfort: “It’s so tight that I can’t describe to you how tight it is.” This image of Kim was criticized by the public because it not only made the wearer obsessed with surreal beauty but also contained many health risks.

Kim has trained with Seneda Greca for years and has praised her many times on social media. Even Seneda’s Instagram page has as many followers as famous starsNhiều người ngưỡng mộ vẻ ngoài ấn tượng này của Kim ở độ tuổi U50, tuy nhiên phần lớn khán giả đều lo lắng cho sức khỏe của cô vì bộ trang phục khiến bà mẹ 4 con khó thở và không thể di chuyển bình thường

Many people admire Kim’s impressive appearance at the age of 50, but most of the audience is worried about her health because the outfit makes the mother of four children have difficulty breathing and unable to move normally.


But the corset dress was not the only topic of discussion after the Met Gala because Kardashian’s hands also fell into the “spotlight” when suspected of cosmetic intervention. She attracted attention from the online community thanks to her super smooth hands, with viewers suggesting that Kim may have had a procedure called “hand rejuvenation” done to minimize wrinkles.

A famous audience member knowledgeable about cosmetic surgery shared photos comparing Kim’s hands before and after, showing that her skin now looks noticeably smoother, with all wrinkles as well as The folds on my hands seem to disappear.

This person posted: “An Instagram follower asked me if I thought Kim had cosmetic surgery on her hands and I looked back at her recent 2024 Met Gala photos. And I think Kim did.”

Cosmetic expert Dana Omari-Harrell suggests there are many different procedures that Kim Kardashian could have done: “She could have had dermal fillers, fat grafting or sculpting. Or some other beauty services.” that many people often do such as laser, microneedling, resurfacing and collagen supplementation. However, I believe Kim injected radial fillers

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