Inside Kyrie Irving’s $755K mansion in Ohio, which he lived in during his time with the Cleveland Cavaliers

Inside Kyrie Irving’s $755K mansion in Ohio, which he lived in during his time with the Cleveland Cavaliers

Kyrie Irving is arguably the best ball-handler in the NBA today. He is an NBA champion that has made eight All-Star appearances. With a decorated NBA star like Irving, have you ever wondered how a guy like Kyrie Irving lives?

Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore.

This article will feature Kyrie Irving’s $755,000 mansion in Westlake, Ohio, Cleveland.

After getting drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2011 NBA Draft with the first overall pick, Irving purchased a 5,500 square foot home from former Cavalier Daniel Gibson and his wife Keyshia Cole for $800,000. Irving would stay in this home until he forced his way out of Cleveland which saw him get traded to the Boston Celtics.

Here are some photos that feature Kyrie Irving’s 5,500-square-foot mansion.


Irving once owned a mansion in Cleveland with six bathrooms and four bedrooms. The home is decorated with numerous basketball-related items, such as a basketball hoop in the living room and an outdoor basketball ring. In addition, Irving most likely used the home gym, movie theater, and recording studio while he wasn’t playing hoops. Irving’s opulent residence also features a roomy master bedroom and elegant walk-in closet in the master bathroom.

Even so, Irving sold the mansion after enjoying the finest years of his career there. The Westlake estate was first sold by the NBA champion in 2017 for a sum of $1.7 million. Nevertheless, Irving had to settle for selling the house for a pitiful $755,000 after failing to locate a buyer.

Even though Irving lost money, it doesn’t really matter because his NBA salary and his previous Nike sponsorship have more than made up for it. Irving has a $90 million net worth, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

While Irving has been at the heart of controversy away from the NBA floor, during his time with the Brooklyn Nets, he was also frequently overlooked due to his constant movement. Indeed, Irving bought a $3.7 million property in Los Angeles, which led to reports that the NBA player and LeBron James would be getting back together. But as everyone knows, the displeased celebrity spent the offseason in Brooklyn. The NBA player who was unhappy was not dealt to the Dallas Mavericks until the middle of the 2022–2023 season.

All the details we know about Kyrie Irving’s $755,000 mansion are as follows, though.

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