Cracking the Code of Bryce James: Unraveling What Makes Him a ‘True’ LeBron James Prodigy.

Cracking the Code of Bryce James: Unraveling What Makes Him a ‘True’ LeBron James Prodigy.

Just like his father, Bryce James started understanding the game at a very young age. His high IQ is deep-rooted in his passion for the sport, just like LeBron James. This ability has helped him make smart decisions while playing.

Besides being King James’ son, Bryce is a shooting guard for Notre Dame Knights.

Showing off his impressive gameplay skills, Bryce has played for LeBron’s team at the Peach Jam Tournament. Notably, there are many things that Bryce has acquired from his father.


Mirroring his father as a forward, Bryce James is a sight for sore eyes. The 6’6” young gun has well-inherited his father’s athletic genes. This physical development and height give him an added advantage on the court. Moreover, Bryce has a constant determination to improve and work hard on his gameplay. This reflects the incredible work ethic that LeBron is known for.

Besides being a great player, the Akron Hammer is also a great leader. Similarly, at crucial times, Bryce has also made crucial plays and led his team to a win. Like Bron, Bryce can easily play in multiple positions, demonstrating his diverse skill set.

It’s just the start of Bryce’s basketball career, however, his great potential has led to the predictions that he will be a better player than his elder brother Bronny due to his greater physical gifts.

While playing for the 2023 Peach Jam Tournament, Bryce averaged 7.5 points, 2.8 rebounds, 1.4 assists, 0.7 steals, and 0.5 blocks per game. Also, he was the most scouted player at the tournament.

His recent physical growth caters to him as an on-court advantage. Also, it reflects his potential as an impactful forward shifting him from a shooting guard position.

With a determination so strong, Bryce is set to become a promising recruit, devotedly continuing his physical development and focusing on his high school career.

Most importantly, Bryce has been coached by David Grace. Players who have been coached and nurtured by Coach Grace make it to the NBA. Now, with his coaching, along with LeBron James’ guidance, Bryce is a player with a strong foundation.

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