Chісаgo Bullѕ: Toр 10 Greаteѕt Dunkѕ іn Teаm Hіѕtory

Chісаgo Bullѕ: Toр 10 Greаteѕt Dunkѕ іn Teаm Hіѕtory

I know you’re probably thinking, this could be 10 dunks by His Airness, Michael Jordan, but that would be too simple.  I decided I would give some of the past and present Bulls some real estate in this top 10.

I started off just going from memory and I came up with quite a few, but as I scoured YouTube there were some I’d forgotten about and a few I had never seen.  Some of the dunks that didn’t make the cut were Derrick Rose’s alley-oop jam this year against the Detroit Pistons.

It was an awesome one-handed finish, that really showed Rose’s explosive hops but in the end it was a regular season game, it wasn’t in any-ones grill so, I left it out.

Filed under the “I had forgotten about this one” tab was a Scottie Pippen flush on Charles Barkley from his 76ers days that was downright nasty.  What almost got this one included was Barkley’s reaction afterward.  He was clearly embarrassed.


The day for Sir Charles would get worse as he was posterized by MJ and Horace Grant in the same game.  Since there were two notable slams in this game, I left them out.

With so much bulb flashing history, I’m sure to miss one of your favorites, feel free to point the ones you love out and even link the YouTube vid, if you can find it.  Here is my top 10.

10. MJ Slams on Former Teammate Orlando Woolridge

This was a vicious slam on a former teammate, Michael Jordan took over Chicago when he arrived. Woolridge was the man in Chicago for about half of season with Quintin Dailey in the 1983-84 season.

Woolridge is one of the Bulls most underrated players in history.  He teamed with Michael for two seasons before being shipped off to New Jersey for the 1986-87 season.


The look on Woolridge’s face as he staggers away almost says “Damn, he got me, I might have to hear about this one.”

9. Michael Jordan Finds Orlando Woolridge for the Facial on Alton Lister

Last slide was MJ victimizing Woolridge, this time  he feeds him as O hangs and readjusts in the air to deposit a two-hand flush in the face of Alton Lister.  Lister may be in more posters than any other player in history.

8. Derrick Rose on the Break in Phoenix, Poor Mr. Dragic

The dunking coronation for Chicago’s favorite son came on the road against the Phoenix Suns.  The follow through, the height, the reaction afterward was just priceless.

Goran Dragic take a picture…you are in a poster.

7. Michael Screams on Alonzo Mourning

This was great for three reasons.  First, it’s on a notoriously great shot-blocker.  Secondly, this guy (Mourning) played with attitude and pride.  Last, it is one of the rare times you see Mike taunt someone.


What is even cooler, NBA2K11has this same animation when you play with MJ with the classic Bulls teams.

6. Scottie Pippen Enlightens Charles Smith

This is an underrated slam, Scottie went in fearless, knew he’d get hammered but still flushed it clean on Charles Smith.  As you may remember, the Bulls made a habit out of embarrassing Smith.

You may recall the block party on him in the Eastern Conference Playoffs in 1993.  Put this one right behind that glorious Bulls memory.

5. Michael Cradle Slam at the Mecca

Still to this day, one of the greatest break away slams I’ve ever seen.  Imagine being the guy trailing the play and you see where he takes off from and the floating in the air.

Over 20 years later it’s amazing how spectacular some of MJ’s highlights still are.  This is vintage young Mike.


4. Derrick Rose over and by Joel Anthony

The Bulls lost this game and Rose struggled as he did in just about every game of the series, but this was like the one really good shot you got in on the bully that pummeled you.  The height, strength and hang time Rose displays on this flush is crazy.

If the dunk meant more, it probably would’ve been higher on the list.

3. Taj Gibson Minimizes Dwyane Wade

This dunk was on YouTube almost as soon as Dwyane Wade back pedaled out of bounds.  Has a more vicious and memorable slam ever been put by a role player on a superstar?

I’m not sure, but I know that if Taj Gibson never scores another bucket, he will have a place in the annals of legendary postseason dunk history.


2. Scottie Pippen, Patrick Ewing…Enough Said

Boy, it was hard not making this No. 1.  The fact that the Bulls lost this series and that was Pete Myers delivering the pass to Pippen and not MJ diminishes it for a bit for me.

Still, there is no doubt, there has never been a more vicious, swag level 1,000 slam delivered in a game situation.  If ever there was a dunk that the taunting technical that followed was well worth it, this was it.

1. Michael Jordans Most Legendary Slam vs the Knicks

It’s only right to close it out with The G.O.A.T, and possibly his most classic slam.  The baseline move is as spectacular as the actual dunk.

The fact that it took place in the Garden, against the Knicks, in the playoffs, in a winning effort on Ewing, makes it the best dunk in Bulls history.

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