Bronny: “They Criticize Me Because My Father Is One of the Greatest of All Time”

Bronny: “They Criticize Me Because My Father Is One of the Greatest of All Time”

The son of the legend shared his major problem with SiriusXM NBA Radio just before taking the biggest step of his sports career.

Although names like RisacherTopic, and Sarr are mentioned as potential number one picks in the upcoming NBA Draft, all eyes are on the most high-profile player knocking on the league’s door: ‘Bronny‘ LeBron’s own son.

Despite a college season marked by a cardiac incident, Bronny still aims to enter the NBA. His performance at the Combine showcased some highlights, such as his shooting and physical stats, but the big question remains: Will he play in the NBA? Does he deserve it?

Bronny believes he does, and he feels many criticisms stem from being LeBron James’ son. “It’s the hardest partI get a lot of criticism because my father is one of the greatsBut I have to deal with it, you know. I think about everything I’ve been through and keep giving my best to make the most of the opportunities I get,” he told SiriusXM NBA Radio.

A jump to the NBA seems likely, but it’s not certain yet. “It’s what makes me happy,” Bronny said, all under the guidance of his father. “His best advice is to be myself on this long journey,” he added on the NBA’s official program. However, he clarified that playing together with his father isn’t mandatory. “It would mean a lot, but it’s not my main goal,” he stated.

The path isn’t clear yet. The leap to the NBA is close, but criticisms persist. Some scouts have leaked analyses stating that “if the Lakers don’t select him, no one will,” or “he’s not an elite athlete,” and even “he’s not an NBA prospect.” However, these views might be biased.

On the other hand, experts like Jonathan Wasserman from Bleacher Report included Bronny among the six players who increased their stock the most after the Combine, alongside names like AJ Johnson, KJ Simpson, Baylor Scheierman, Enrique Freeman, and Nikola Djurisic.

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