Travis Kelce reveals aпother пickпame for Taylor Swift iп viral momeпt after Chiefs wiп

Travis Kelce reveals aпother пickпame for Taylor Swift iп viral momeпt after Chiefs wiп


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A love story played out on an NFL field over the weekend.

After the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship on Sunday, Taylor Swift raced onto the field to meet her beau, tight end Travis Kelce, and partake in the exciting moment.

Amid shared smiles and kisses, Kelce also appeared to let out another nickname he has for Swift, per a viral video posted to X.

The video seems to show the moment Swift first approached Kelce on the field at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore. They kiss (with an audible mwah sound) and hug. As they rock side to side, he says, “How about that one?”


couple love relationship swift kelce happyTravis Kelce #of the Kansas City Chiefs celebrates with Taylor Swift after the Chiefs’ 17-10 victory against the Baltimore Ravens in Baltimore on Sunday.Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Then, Travis Kelce spots his dad, Ed Kelce, and says, “Papa! What’s up, big guy?”

After the father-son moment, Kelce turns back to Swift and seems to say, “What’s up, sweetie?” as they continue chatting. “I’ve never seen you like that,” Swift says, patting his chest.

Some have debated online whether Swift said “love you” to Kelce at the end of the exchange.

Fans on social media couldn’t get enough of the moment, with one X user writing, “Last night I literally dreamt of Travis Kelce saying ‘what’s up sweetie’ to Taylor Swift. they are the only thing on my mind.”

Another reacted to the video, sharing, “I’m shaking and crying rn omg.”

Others took note of the way Kelce treated the international pop star in the exciting moment, writing, “I like how he’s so hopped up on adrenaline but then he’s instantly so gentle with her, then loud and rambunctious with his dad, back to sweet with her.”

As two have spent more time together in public, other nicknames have emerged. Swift shouted for “Trav” from the stands in December; Kelce called Swift “Tay” on his podcast.

The game that secured the Chiefs a spot in the 2024 Super Bowl wasn’t short of more eventful moments, which kept Swift on her feet from the player box.

After making his seventh reception of the game, Kelce broke a major NFL playoff record for postseason catches. Three-time Super Bowl champ Jerry Rice previously held the record with 151 receptions in the playoffs.

Sporting a bright red sweater with her signature red lip, Swift watched the game alongside actor and model Cara Delevingne as well as Keleigh Teller, wife of actor Miles Teller.

In another standout viral moment from the Chiefs-Ravens game, fans attempted to read Swift’s lips after the camera panned to her.

Swift, in the video, appears to focus on something playing out above her suite. Meanwhile, CBS announcers discuss Swift and her upcoming nominations at the 2024 Grammy Awards, streaming on CBS next weekend.

Before the camera turns away, Swift appears to say something. Online, fans have been split primarily between her saying, “Go away, please,” and “Oh, the Grammys.” Swift is nominated for six awards.

After the Chiefs officially claimed their spot for football’s biggest night, the internet was already set ablaze with the question on every Swiftie’s mind: Will she attend the Super Bowl in Las Vegas Feb. 11?

The singer’s “Eras Tour” resumes that same weekend in Tokyo, with a last show Feb. 10

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